Do I currently trade my TIME for MONEY?

Do I have control over my schedule & get to 
design my days to fit my lifestyle?

Do I have the financial freedom to provide for 
my family, buy a home, or do/have the 
things I desire?

Do I constantly count down the hours until the evenings/weekends?

Does my work fill me with passion & purpose?

Am I living life on my own terms?

  • FEEL FULFILLED IN RUNNING A BIZ THAT LITERALLY CHANGES PEOPLES LIVES – by contributing to long-term health & freedom.
  • ​UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TO CREATE 24/7 CASHFLOW – by using the power of ads so you never have to pester family & friends or cold message again.
  • ​BUILD AN AUTOMATED SALES SYSTEM THAT GENERATES PASSIVE INCOME – giving you actual time freedom to live the life you always dreamed of living.
  • ​CONTRIBUTE TO REDUCING THE WORLD'S CARBON FOOTPRINT – helping both the planet & others so you can truly make an impact in your work.


I'm an online business owner, non-toxic living educator, high-vibe biz coach, detail-loving content creator, self-care loving mama, type A organizational freak, stubborn-as-anything goal crusher, small town puppy parent, and official soul-food lovin' "souis chef" for my joyful family of four.

See that? I'm not just ONE thing - I'm multi-passionate (meaning: passionate about many things) and neither are you! Or at least, you don't have to be. 

I truly desire to help multi-passionate individuals build the bridge and move on from that unchecked dream life you put on the shelf, and fast-forwarding to you living that dream life out now and starting - well - how 'bout ASAP?

Instagram is kinda my thing.

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